Friday, June 30, 2006

Treated as Second Class Citizen in my own country

Watching the saga about the Armenians, Russians or call them whatever you want crooks, brings me great pain. I remember just a few months ago when I was back home for vacation and was heading out at the JKIA, All the "wazungus" were allowed to Pass through the que, but when me and my buddy were approaching the check in counters, suddenly we were stopped for random checks and asked to open our bags, i mean we were as black as you can get and somehow we were targetted as being potential terrorists!, the "wazungus" carry ons were not weighed in, they sure looked like they were heavy, but when we got to the counter we were asked to weigh in our carry ons, which certainly were not as heavy as the ones that had gone by. To make things worse it was fellow black Kenyans doing this. Not to mention that this brought back memories from the previous year when i was back home again in Mombasa for vacation and was taken as a cab driver and never allowed into my hotel where i was staying, think of how much I contributing to the local economy.It seems like everytime i go home i experience extreme discrimination from my own people when i should be feeling at home. I think we still have the inferiority complex when it comes to dealing with whites. People need to grow out of their colonial mentalities and realize this is the 21st century

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Outsourcing Jobs To Kenya

Anybody know why India's and China's economies are doing so good. Outsourcing!!! Why is it that we do not have our embassies abroad, especially here in the U.S pushing hard for corporations to set up some of their operations in Kenya. I mean, afterall we have a large pool of educated Kenyans who do not have jobs and communicate effectively. Well, it comes back to the kind of government we have that is not really interested with the advancement of the people as a whole, but a few individuals. Some of this lame MP'S should be travellilng abroad in trying to bring some of this companies to their constituencies. Oh wait a minute! even for investment, our environment is not conducive enough. It takes along process in Kenya to get that done compared to countries like India and China. When are we ever gonna learn anything and stop acting like beggars all the time?

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Kenyan mp's Pay is ridiculous

Have you seen the latest news, Kenyan MP'S are still among the well paid in the world, let alone in Africa. What is it that these guys are doing that they deserve that?how is our economy? my God these people got no conscious. Check out this Standard article

Been along time

Yah, its been a while since i was on here, but just thought i should let everybody know that i still think about Kenya and how sad i still am about the whole situation. Nways am back and let me know what has been happening with everybody.

Friday, January 06, 2006


Yah i finally made it back home. The place is almost the same but quit a change compared to just last year. The roads are pathetic, can you believe that the Nakuru- Nairobi road which serves The whole of East Africa is disastrous, men!! the ride through there to kisii was unbelievable. How do we expect to get foreign investments when the infrastructure is vitually inexistence, the government has been able to collect alot of tax but what the monies is doing is not conspicous.
Kenya is full of the same petty politics, the population has exploded and yet we seem not to be doing enough for our citizens. May be until some of you young guys plan to run for politics, this place is going to be exactly the same 100 hundrend years from now.
Suppost to be here on holidays, but if i get a chance i will post some of the pics from here so you guys can have a sense of what is going on here.
later for now but yo better be strong.

Friday, December 23, 2005


The extreme nature to which Kenya is inequitably developed leads to such problems as what we are experiencing in Northeastern. Look at the way Kenya has developed and evolved over the years, the only places that have seen any kind of development are the same places that the colonialist had put emphasis on. So what happened to our leadership that we are seeing such a phenomenon? Well with Kenyatta a majority of Central and Nairobi provinces saw a fair share of development, then under MOI of course the Riftvalley, as you can see they marshaled through the same kind of development emphasis that the colonialist had put in place for us. We are at the point in KENYA where the ordinary citizens are trying to free themselves from the neo-colonialist that we have in Kenya. What Kenya needs is leaders who really put all the four corners of our country in the forefront and not just but a few places.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Improve our infrastructure!

How can a baby learn how to walk before they attempt to crawl? of course that's an impossibility. What I am talking about here is our Kenyan infrastructure be it roads, communication lines or even hospitalls. We all know that we greatly need to invest in our economy, but for us to successfully do so, we need a good transportation network that can enable us move goods and services easily within the country. Look around, the most developed countries have got good transportation systems and that is not by mistake. Even our hospitals need a total makeover, think about it, a healthy population is more productive and will contribute more to the economy compared to an unhealthy population. A healthy population leads to reduced healthcare costs, these monies in turn could be spent somewhere else of importance. Let our politicians know that we have no time for their petty politics and rhetoric, it's time for them to propose bold ideas that will spark development of our economy and greater good of country.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Genetically modified food is potentially big business

And so I get back to my earlier concerns, are the companies producing genetically modified food really serious about hunger in Africa or are they concern with big profits? Of course its the latter, once again the African person has been identified to be damn and stupid not to question what the whiteman proposes for him. Where is the scientific data to prove that such a technology is good for our people? This is tantamount to them treating us as ginnypigs. We need to trade cautiously to some of these proposed technologies.